Thursday, February 23, 2012

Judsen Matthew

I thought that weather or not I have any readers left out there...I know it has been forever, that I would go through the story of our journey to become parents.
This was probably at 40lbs

It all started with the excitement of the positive test back in May of 2006. Our hearts raced with excitement and anticipation at the news that we would become parents. We had choose to wait for 3 years after we were married to work the kinks those kinks every really get worked out?!? But needless to say we were ready and excited for this baby. As the first few months past and my belly began to grow so did our excitement. We found out at the ultra sound that we would be having a boy! I was so exited and baby quickly turned to Junior. The process of getting the nursery ready and picking names, registry for all the baby accessories quickly consumed my time.  My bond with "Junior quickly formed with every kick, turn, hiccup, and trip to the bathroom.

I will be the first to admit that I became huge. I always anticipated being this cute pregger momma, but as the months past the scale numbers continued to increase the average 30-40 lbs went right out the window. We were knocking on the door of 50 and my chins had doubled and my thighs and arms quickly gave notice to the weight gain.  With every doctor visit that I didn't hear the words "significant weight gain" I quickly rain across the street to get a double cheese burger.  I got many comment's to the effect of I was either going to have twins or a 10 lb baby...don't you just love those. Everyone  was always telling me how beautiful I was...which is really just code for how huge I had gotten.  But I knew the belly was there for a reason and began to embrace the weight and indulged in many things I wouldn't have normally had (welcome back into my life mayo)!   I mean at this point what is an extra 5lbs. I remember the first time I couldn't get past my husband in the bathroom because of my belly or the time I hit one of my students in the head with my belly as I turned around. It was a whole new world to me.

hog-tator was Jud's nickname.
Our sweet baby finally decided to come into the world 2 days after his due date (when my Dr assured me he would come early...of course). I was set to be induced the morning of the 13th of Feb, but went into labor on my own early that morning. As the pain increased I wasn't shy to ask for the epidural. Once that baby kicked in it was all rest and relaxation until the pushing. For most of the day I laid in the bed and my husband napped by my side. It wasn't until after lunch when we got the go ahead to start pushing. After about 5 sets of pushes I asked if my Dr. should be in here for this. To which my sweet nurse replied, "Oh sweetie, we have a long way to go!"

Mercy I mean I was anticipating some pushing but as the minutes went by and then the hours I was getting exhausted. Although I couldn't feel the pain...thank you Jesus, I was getting tried. Luckily just before the 2 hour marker sweet little Judsen Matthew came into this world. My 9 lb 11oz 21 1/2 inch sweet baby was laid on my chest crying with the most amazing cone head. I believe my first words were..."He's huge" (and he was). I can't tell you the emotions you feel at that exact moment. I had no idea I could love someone so much who I knew so little about. This was my baby for the rest of his or my life. I was responsible for him, my little bundle who was perfect!

This is only the beginning of the journey.  Of course the easy part was over and now the hard part began.  We were responsible for teaching and training him.  For loving him and equipping him with all the skill he would need to live in this sometimes nasty world.  But for those first few months all we could do was ooh and awe over him. 

First family picture.

And so the journey begins.

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  1. I love this! It really is a very special time in one's life and I am so very happy every day that I got to experience it too:)