Monday, February 28, 2011

A Mother's Guilt

Loving the dentist!
If you could have only seen my face when I heard the shocking news.  I really wish I had a picture to share with you from that exact moment, the horror that filled my face and tears that welled in my eyes.  Okay, I think I probably need to back up a little bit and start from the beginning.  

The bad news just about to be delievered.

Judsen my delightful 4 year old, had the privilege of going to the dentist for the second time in his life.  I say privilege because he could hardly sleep he was so excited.  He was counting down the hours and kept asking when it was time to go.  Well when the time came and we got to the dentist he was the perfect patient.  He got up in the chair, answered all the questions, opened his mouth wide.  He had no fear, only smiles.  Next in came the oh so wonderful Dr. Ness.  He took a look at the x-rays, he looked in Jud's mouth and then he delivered the news....6 cavities.  My mouth fell open and I instantly felt myself getting blotchy (that's what happens when I get nervous).  I didn't even know what to say or do, in my wildest dreams I couldn't imagine hearing the news.  I wasn't expecting to hear news of 1 cavity let alone 6.  Jud of course was oblivious to the severity of the news that was being delivered.  I on the other hand couldn't get over the guilt of this is all my fault (of better yet Matt's)!  
Jud getting digital x-rays...much safer!

Here is where the guilt comes into play.  Let's be honest, at hardly 4 years old these cavities are not Jud's fault, the blame--if their is blame--falls on Matt or myself.  We do brush his teeth every night, but that is about the extent of it.  Floss, well I'm not great at flossing my own teeth so we can pretty much guess that I'm not doing his.  So... is their room for betcha!   I left the dentist that day armed with an assault full of tools to fight these little --sugar bugs--as they were explained to Jud.  We had the new tooth brush, the floss, the floss picks--dinosaur shape, the kit to get our water tested for fluoride, and a new spin brush.  I wasn't about to let this happen to our family again. I kept reminding and reassuring myself that these are baby teeth, we can learn and do better.  The staff at Ness Dentistry was amazing!  We love Dana, the dental assistant that Jud had that day!  She is so sweet, gentle, and for this mom reassuring and non judgmental.  Ness Dentistry is great with kids and also on the cutting edge of dentistry with their digital x-rays, cancer check, and well much more.  They are also amazing with adults...even those who, to say the least, aren't religious flossers.  If you want to check them out here is their website:  If you mention somethingtochuckleabout or Sonia Whittaker you will receive $50 off of your first visit.  I'm not plugging them because of some great kickback for me, but because we truly love going there and I believe you would too! 

Dana cleaning Jud's teeth
Stay tuned, Jud gets his first two cavities filled March 8th.  I will let you know how that goes.  No worries he gets gas, can't wait to see that!

P.S. They also sent us home with a toothbrush for my 8 month old.  Okay I get the hint...this will not happen again. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thirty Something

It is official, I have now entered the thirty somethings!  Okay to clarify I am now into my thirties--31.  To this I say WOW, not because I am mortified to be getting older (because I'm not), but simply because I just really can't believe it.  In my heart of hearts I feel about ummm...26.  I realize that I am no longer in the youthful days of college, but to be in my thirties well that just doesn't seem quite right.  However with that being said, I embrace you 31!  My life at 31 is wonderful!  I love my husband--we have almost been married 8 years, crazy!  I love my boys--Judsen 4 and Brodee 8 1/2 months.  I love that I get to stay home with them and take a break from teaching.  I love my home that we built a little over a year ago.  I love my friends and family!  I love my church! I love the Lord and well... I just love where I am in life. 

See how the little hairs up front stick straight up!
But, and this is a big but, what I don't love...gray hairs.  That is right you heard me and I'll say it again gray hairs.  Where in the world did these little buggers come from and when did it happen.  How can I have none one day and then BAM, like a slap in the face 15.  Now friends I will be sharing photos so you can see what I am talking about, but not only do I have, the oh so wonderful pleasure of having gray hairs I also have baby hairs.  You know the hair that starts to grow back after you lose half of your head of hair to post pregnancy hormones.  These hairs are small, fine, they stick straight up, and now added to the list....gray!  To this I say why?!?  Have no fear dear friends these hairs are not embraced, welcomed, invited, or for that matter allowed to stay.  They will be gone just about as fast as they were first found, but the reality is that they are there.  Thank you mom and grandma's! 

I am sure that there will be many more little joys that come with getting older, but I am also excited for what each day brings.  I look forward to what God has ahead for me and my family!  So if that means a few more gray hairs then I say--bring them on (let's be honest they will be covered in dye anyway)!  Life is good and every year I live is one year closer to meeting Jesus!  
Our family--taken 2 weeks ago

Friday, February 25, 2011

So Please Stick with Me

Dear Devoted Readers,

Again I would personally like to apologize for the whirlwind on an adventure that we have taken you on.  The co-blogging idea that seemed so ingenious to start with turned into a nightmare to keep up with and I am sure a little/very confusing for you our wonderful readers.  So those days are over we have left behind as well as and I now give you... somethingtochuckleabout.

Now you can put a face to the writing--My Family!
I hope that my blog does just that, gives you a reason to chuckle each week.  I hope you feel you are able to develop a relationship with this unknown entity on the other side of your computer screen. I hope that you are able to chuckle along with me as I share about myself, my family, and some of my crazy ideas.  My plans are still to share ideas, recipes, favorite things, stories, and advice with you.  So here we go again...let the funtimes begin!

Okay on a site is under development now and not complete.  So please keep checking back!