Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things That Made Me Chuckle Today

My kids constantly keep me giggling and today was no exception.  I just thought I would share some of hysterical moments with you!  I am fully aware that they may not be as funny to you and I might not do them justice as I retell them too you but please do your best to visualize with me!

Jud (4) and I were sitting eating lunch together and he asked if you had to be old to be married, which of course I responded yes too.  (Jud at other times gets very nervous about getting married and leaving us)   I saw him sit there for a minute and think as he ate and then he said.  First I am going to have lots of birthdays, then I'm going to get married.  I think I will go on lots of trips and then have babies.  Just made me chuckle--Matt and I never took advantage of the lots of trips--where does he come up with these things.

Brodee saw Jud in the tub upstairs and started to go crazy...he loves tubbies.  So I decided to put Brodee in the kitchen sink so that I could start dinner.  He absolutely loves to play in the sink and it is a good way for me to get supper started and also a great incentive for me to wash my floors.  Jud was upstairs and I yell for him to please bring down a towel for his brother.  He comes down with the towel he just used and says just as plain as day, "I'm sorry mom there is kind of a lot of hair on it, I was wiping my pe..., I mean man berries, because their was a hair, so sorry!"  All I can say is thank you Matt!

Brodee signing please--how can I say no to that face!
We have been teaching Brodee to sign please, which is a really handy thing to is the only problem.  When he actually starts to get it and use the sign it is virtually impossible to not give him what he asks for.  Brodee will see something and immediately his hand starts pulling on his shirt and mom caves and gives in.  Mercy-- I'm such a sucker!
We were having family supper together and we are trying to teach Brohan to use a sippy cup.  We made the unfortuante mistake of not getting rid of the bottle early enough with Jud and we are trying harder to be more proactive this time.  So we crack out the cup--which he loves--as a chew toy!  How do you teach a kid to actually use it.  I take the cup, put it to my mouth and suck on it and then give it back.  To which he chews like crazy.  I then take it back and repeat the motion--but this time I can hear and then see my wonderful hubby across the table making the sucking sound and motions.  Busted--he makes fun of me for opening my mouth when I feed Brod so it is nice to bust him in the act!
It felt good to laugh today as we got hammered with snow earlier.  And even though we did get a snow day out of it, all my hard work of shoveling snow back on the driveway to melt it was completely earsed and wasted.  I felt so defeated!  My boys definately helped lighten the mood today!  Boy do I love them--all of them!

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Poem-- Oh Ear Infection

I go to bed at ten o'clock,
and listen to the clock go tock.
When finally at eleven,
I drift away to a piece of heaven.

When all of a sudden I hear a noise,
The sound of cries from one of my boys.
I lay and hope that it will stop,
But it doesn't and so I hop.

Down the hall into Brod's bed,
All I see is his popped up head.
I know right away what the problem may be,
For I've been through it before and no strange you see.

An ear infection with no doubt it is,
I'm a mom--a certified wiz!
I pull him into our bed for the hopes he will rest,
but he keeps flopping around it was the true test.

So finally at about midnight,
I decide I am going to make this a really true fight.
First for the Tylenol, drops, and a bottle,
then on the couch I try to coddle.

He's not having it, he wants to play,
Dada, Mama, yaya he starts to say.
His cute little smile takes over my heart,
and on my lap he gives a big fart.

Best hehavior, loving our midnight date.

So of course there at midnight a big poop he makes,
Changing his diaper, the cake this takes!
I decide it's in my best interest to not try and sleep,
Playing with toys we don't make a peep.

It's funny how happy Brodehondro seems to be,
He knows he should be sleeping, but instead is free.
He's on his best behavior so I won't put him down,
Smiling, talking, being silly, acting like a clown.

So finally at one o'clock we lumber upstairs,
I lay him back down and wonder how he will fairs.
He lays right down and closes his eyes,
Not even one noise or a little cries.

I hobble back for a few hours of rest,
It will be five at its very best.
That would be nice, oh wouldn't it,
But at five o'clock I hear a fit.

Back to his room to pop in the nuk,
and he sucked on it and that's all it took.
Now for another hour or so,
before the morning starts and I'm ready to go.

Ready to go, might be a stretch!
A pot of coffee I'm off to fetch.
An appointment at the chiropractor I quickly made,
The memory of last night I want to fade.

So I hope it will help him sleep through the night,
And I won't see him again until the sun is light!
I love my dear son and will put on a smile,
But I don't mind if a seem him for quite awhile!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Handy Hubby

I am very thankful that my wonderful, dear husband is so handy!  Their really isn't anything that he won't try tackling, okay...except when it comes to cars--we leave that to the professionals!  Matt has helped build a good share of our house and he has done many other projects on it.  One thing he is really good at doing is woodworking.  He loves to make furniture pieces and has made many for our house.  Seeing as how
 he is a teacher and I am now a full time domestic engineer, money is not something that we have a ton of.  That is where I am so blessed to have a husband that is able to make affordable pieces for our house.  

The Pottery Barn One!
The latest project that my husband tackled was this locker system for our back entryway.  I saw a system very similar in the Pottery Barn magazine and thought that it would be perfect for our needs.  Needless to say it wasn't perfect for our pocket books.  That is where his handy skills came in, he was able to custom make this piece so that it fit perfectly in our back entry.  He fashioned it exactly off of the Pottery Barn one but for a fraction of the price.    It is perfect for storing the kids jackets, hats, mittens, snow pants, and tons of pairs of shoes.  The big drawers allow me to hide away the shoes not being used to clear out unnecessary clutter.
The baskets allow me to keep everyone's things separate and easily accessible.  I found the baskets at Target for $5.00 a piece and added the numbers to give it a fun feel!  I am so pleased with the way that it turned out and I so look forward to filling it up and using it!  Thank you dear husband!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Round 2

Ready or not here we go!

Back to the dentist we went yesterday afternoon to begin the process of filling the first two of the six cavities.  To say that I, mom, was a little nervous was an understatement.  Jud on the other hand was nothing but excited.  I was trying to gently tell him some of the process without scaring him.  I tried to tell him about the little mask that the gas comes through and about some of the instruments for filling the "sugarbites".  I said mommy will be there in case you get a little which he replied "mom I like the dentist, I'm not afraid."  Okay well if he is not worried then I shouldn't be either. 

Getting to a happy place!

Matt got home in time to take Brodee so Jud and I could go together.  When we got there Jud was very quiet, I started wondering if he was getting a little nervous.  When we get back to the room and Shelly (love her too) starts explaining everything to Jud, I begin to clam down a bit.  Jud hops up in the chair, puts on the sunglasses, and then the gas mask.  I feel myself getting a little choked up for no good reason.  It's just weird to see my baby like that.  When I say, like that, I don't really know how to explain it, he could still answer and was awake, he was just very, very peaceful.  They then had him open his mouth to put in the "tooth pillow" so that they could begin working.  Like any good mom my mouth immediately opens with Jud's, as if to show him how to do it.  The only thing is he's not looking and me and I am just sitting there, in the corner, with my mouth wide open (don't tell me you haven't done it before).  They start the process of filling the cavities.  It is amazing the amount of instruments they can stick in his mouth...let's be honest I struggle to get my fingers and floss in there and they can have about 4 different instruments--AMAZING!  Jud does an excellent job, he doesn't even flinch once.
Dr. Ness and Shelly do an amazing job of explaining what they are going to do.  This makes Jud and myself more comfortable!  They work quickly and thoroughly.  I don't think we were there but 30 minutes when they announced that they were done. We stopped at two for day one, the next four will be tackled at our next appointment.

On our way out Jud gets to raid the prize bucket for his glorious little prize--the thing that makes coming to the dentist such a wonderful, enjoyable experience for him.  We leave with a little parachute man, a sticker,  an small army guy (all of which probably totally less then a quarter) and a large smile.  It was a success, we made it!  One more appointment left and we can declare ourselves cavity free once again!  Thank you Ness Dentistry! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Something to Chuckle About: Monday Morning

Something to Chuckle About: Monday Morning: "Sleep something that every mother covets! Every night when I lay my unwashed faced on my pillow I say a little prayer for a good night..."

Monday Morning

Sleep something that every mother covets!  Every night when I lay my unwashed faced on my pillow I say a little prayer for a good night's sleep.  One has to go into the night believing that they will have a good nights sleep, otherwise you automatically set yourself up for failure. 

Brodee saying good night!
Last night started much like any other night in our house.  Brodee was laid down with a kiss and a nigh-night, which he returned with a big smile and...boom he's asleep.  In my head I say "sweet, one down."  About an hour or so later we start getting Jud ready for bed.   We read the books, brush his teeth--with his new spin brush--and then snuggle.  Matt and I decided that we would do family snuggles in his bed, if you can remember back, he has a queen sized bed!  Matt get on his P.J's--his underoos, and Jud decides he is going to wear jammies like dad..i.e. underoos.  I, on the other had, am in jeans and a sweatshirt.  So we lay there talking about the day, about his Sunday School lesson, about playing with one of his favorite friends Carter Nelson, and the fun that we will have tomorrow.  We finally drift asleep, and when I say we I mean WE, about 20 minutes later.  At 1:00 a.m. I proceed to wake up, drenched in my own sweat and somewhat frantic. I wake up Matt and we go stumbling into our bed. 

Our "Special" Bed
As we get all snuggled into our cold bed and drift asleep I say to myself, I can still sleep for six hours....wonderful.  And it was wonderful until about 4:30 when I hear Brodee crying.  I wait for a few minutes thinking that he will stop, and of course he doesn't.  I secretly hope Matt will get up, but he doesn't.  So I go in, give him his nuk, and with my eyes still shut so that I won't officially wake up, crawl back into bed.  All is well for about 30 minutes, when again the crying starts.  The crying is again greeted with a sigh and a secret hope that I won't have to get out of my warm bed.  This time I decide that I am going to feed him so that he will sleep until about 8:00.  I go in, again eyes almost shut, feed him, rock/snuggle him for 5 minutes and lay him down.  Perfect--I still have 2 good hours of  glorious sleep!  Not so fast, again I hear crying!  Now I must let you know that Brodee normally sleeps through the night, if he does wake up it is usually about 5:30-6:00 and then it is only to eat, so this night is quite out of the normal.  This time, sleep walking, I go grab him out of his crib and decide enough is enough, into our bed he comes.  Once there he nestles into my warm body and he is out.  I again get comfortable, look at the clock, and try to drift off to sleep for my last hour and a half of rest.  Just as I drift away again I hear.....Mom, I wet the bed, Momma, I wet the bed!  Oh mercy, no rest for the weary!  Just for the record Matt is still sleeping.  I race into his room before he has the opportunity to yell again and wake up, the now sleeping Brodee. Once there we go through the drill of getting changed, going potty, and pulling off the sheets.  Normally I would pull him into our bed, but with Brodee already there, there isn't any room.  So I have to improvise, I make a bed for him on the floor in his room and, being the good mom that I am, lay on the floor with him.  There we are snuggled on the floor, it's now 6:00 a.m. and I have been attending to my wonderful kids since 4:30.  I am hoping that Jud will fall back asleep but, no luck!  Now, I am not about to get up yet, so I tell him to get a few books to look at and read quietly as momma lays--trying to sleep on the floor.  This was not one of my finest ideas as I was never able to really sleep. 

Finally at 6:55 Matt comes in Jud's room, chuckles and tells me to go lay in our bed for my last ten minutes of sleep.  When I get in our bed I am greeted by a big smile from lovely little Brodee and that is my official good morning.  I am tired, cold, and a little crabby, but seeing that big smile and hearing his excited grunts I can't help but be thankful for my wonderful family.   Needless to say, I came downstairs, put on a pot of coffee, and cut myself a generous-sized breakfast bar.  Good-morning Monday!

P.S. Jud goes back to the dentist tomorrow for the first of the six cavities to be filled...stay tuned!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Favorite Things

Okay so even though our initial 2 blogs have died, favorite things did not go down with them.  I still have favorite things and I still want to share them with you.  So with that being said....I give you my next favorite thing,...Blue Painter's Tape

 I love this tape for reasons other than you might think. Although it is painters tape, I actually use it very little for painting.  I do like the tape for creating strips and lines as shown in Jud's room.  However as a mom I love this tape for a whole other reason.  This tape is so wonderfully safe that it is great for children to put on the walls, the floors, and their bodies. 

When I was painting in Jud's room and creating his red strip he saw me using the tape.  He asked if he could use some and I had no fear or reservations in letting him.  He created his own little masterpiece on the wall using the tape.  I didn't have to worry about it leaving a sticky residue or it peeling the paint off.  Jud was able to creatively express himself while his mom was busy painting...perfect!

Another excellent use of this tape is to put on the floor.  Jud and I will make roads for his cars or obstacle courses for his scooter (in the basement).  We do have wood floors and I didn't want to worry about a sticky residue that could be left behind by masking tape.  Jud really enjoys when he can take a small scissors and cut his own pieces for the roads.  We have had roads going all over the first level of our house.  I mean, besides the eye soar of the blue tape, it is good, destructive free fun.  If you have carpet it is still safe to makes roads on that as well!

Lastly, Jud loves this tape for taping shooter arms on himself.  He will tape toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls to his arms.  He likes to pretend he is a transformer and tapes random pieces of tape on his body...great!  No harm done! 

Now you too can be able to see the wonderful uses of this glorious tape.  If you leave a comment or become a follower you can be entered into this drawing.  There will be more than one winner so don't be shy!  If you have another use for this wonderful product please feel free to share.  Good luck to you!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Zuppa Toscana is What's for Dinner Tonight

Soup season should be nearing an end, but here in Minnesota winter is refusing to leave.  So with that being said I would like to share a great soup recipe with you.  The recipe I am going to share comes from the Olive Garden.  It is their soup Zuppa Toscana, and it is fabulous!

  • 1 lb ground sausages (i.e. Jimmy Deans)
  • 1 1/2 t. Crushed Red Pepper
  • 2 t. Garlic Puree
  • 10 c. Water
  • 5 cubes Chicken Bouillon Cubes
  • 1 c. Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 1 lb Potatoes--3 Large Potatoes scrubbed and chopped--the skins can be left on
  • 2 c. Chopped Kale

First brown your sausage and drain the extra fat.  Then add the crushed red pepper.  You can put less red pepper in according to taste, the red pepper does make it spicy--we like spicy.  Once that is done add the garlic puree and stir.  In a large pot put the 10c. water and chicken bouillon cubes, add the sausage mixture and heat that until it boils.  Once that is boiling add potatoes and cook for 15-20 minutes--until potatoes are soft.  Then add the heavy whipping cream and kale--simmer.  This can be made ahead of time and reheated.  I personally think that is best after it sits awhile.  It is perfect served with a crusty bread or bread sticks and some kind of salad.

I do hope that good old Mother Nature decides to let spring come, but until then go ahead and enjoy and nice warm boil of soup.  

P.S. This might not be the most kid friendly meal--Jud doesn't like it--but Matt loves it!