Friday, February 25, 2011

So Please Stick with Me

Dear Devoted Readers,

Again I would personally like to apologize for the whirlwind on an adventure that we have taken you on.  The co-blogging idea that seemed so ingenious to start with turned into a nightmare to keep up with and I am sure a little/very confusing for you our wonderful readers.  So those days are over we have left behind as well as and I now give you... somethingtochuckleabout.

Now you can put a face to the writing--My Family!
I hope that my blog does just that, gives you a reason to chuckle each week.  I hope you feel you are able to develop a relationship with this unknown entity on the other side of your computer screen. I hope that you are able to chuckle along with me as I share about myself, my family, and some of my crazy ideas.  My plans are still to share ideas, recipes, favorite things, stories, and advice with you.  So here we go again...let the funtimes begin!

Okay on a site is under development now and not complete.  So please keep checking back!