Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Cabinet Door untouched ready for my husband
to use in our laundry room!
So I have had a little crafting bug lately and when it hits I am always looking for new little projects to work on.  I thought I would share a few fun, practical ideas that can easily be made.  We are literally talking about a few minutes of time.  So my craft ideas today all came from the idea of using a simple cabinet door.  Now we have a wonderful wonderland call Gopher Unclaimed Freight in St. Cloud and they always have a plethora of cabinet doors of all sizes and shapes ranging in price from $2.00-$8.00.  Not to shabby huh.  So with these fun little canvases came two of my ideas. 

Chalk Board
The first is a simple chalk board.  All I had to do was paint the outside trim a color and then paint the interior with chalk board paint.  Simple enough and you would never guess it was a $3.00 door!

Jewelry Board
The next idea came when we began finishing our walk-in closet.  I wanted a nice place to store my jewelery.  So once again I took a cabinet door and painted the outside trim a color and then the background white.  I then bought some silver little hooks from the hardware section in Target and screwed them in the door.  Walla!  A piece of art for my closet and a very functional one at that. 

I love crafting projects that are so easy and turn out great!  Happy Carfting! 

Our closet with the use of some of those cheap cabinet
doors from Gopher.  More closet to come!

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