Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oh For the Love!

Thursday night did not start off well when I stumbled into our house after a long day of work.  I opened the front door with my hands full of supplies from the day only to let a little green tree frog into our house.  As I was assess my best line of action for getting it out and making a plan, I set a bag I was holding down on the corner of the couch.  Well that was a bad idea, taking my eye off of the little sucker for just one quick minute led to its disapperance.  I searched high and low figuring it couldn't have gotten far. luck!  I could find it anywhere.  I decided to take the bag into the kitchen and begin getting ready for bed.  As I picked up the plastic bag I was horrified to discover that red gatoraide was leaking onto my cream colored sofa.  I mean really...this is not what I wanted to deal with at this time of night.  So now I have a tree frog loose in my house and a huge red stain on the sofa.  I begin to work franticly to remove the stain...which I was prettly successful with.  Next stop the shower.  You see, Matt and I had just got home from a long day of roofing a house.  Yep it's true, I can help roof houses.  It's one of my new fangeled hobbies, okay can I really call it a hobby...nope.  I really don't much like it, but I do like the extra money it brings into our family so this momma gets her peaches up and that roof and helps out her man.  

So anyway Matt and I were completely and totally exhausted from the long day.  We crawled from the shower into bed only to discover how hard it was to get relaxed and turn our brains off.  I mean my thoughts were going everywhere from the roofing job to my hurting feet, the tree frog that was loose in my house, and the new red spot on the couch.  Matt and I both took turns tossing and turning and bottom line...not sleeping.  I finally drifted off to sleep and I can't for the life of me tell you what woke me up but something did.  It must have been talking of sorts because I felt the need to look out my window.  When I did I was completely panic stricken at what I saw.  I lept into bed and grabbed my protector and told him that someone was in our yard and just ran across the street.  By this time my heart is pumping and adrenalin racing.  I mean I never really thought in a million years that when I went to the window I would discover someone in our yard...but there they were. 
My protector lept into action to assess the situation.  As we went back to the window together we noticed another body in our yard and then another.  All of a sudden this looked less like a raid or invasion on our house as some sort of prank.  The pranksters would run across the street and then back into our yard.  Back and forth they went.  I could hear the giggles of girls as their attack was executed.  It then hit me and I knew just what was going on.

We were being Flamingoed.  Yep that's the morning we awoke to a yard filled with pink Floridian flamingos scattered about.!  It made me chuckle and I was certain that the boys would love this discovery when they awoke.  Needless to say Jud could not believe his eyes and wondered how all of these "penguins" got in his yard.  He was certain that I would be mad at whoever had done this!  Brodee actually ventured out into the grass...which doesn't happen check out these pink unusually birds.  So thank you Dassel Ambassadors for the fun excitment for my boys and I.  I might have got a very interepted night of sleep but it was worth it in the morning. 

P.S. The red spot came out but that little tree frog as not yet been captured.

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