Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Love-Hate Relationship with Forts

Todays fort...I talked him into building it in
his room and not the living room!
Forts...a word all moms know and even cringe at!  We are full blown into the "fort" age at our house.  Daily my home is being transformed into some sort of fort.  Some days I'm a better mom than others and I will partake in the building of the fort.  Some days I am not such a good mom and I ban the making of any sort of forts. 

The idea of all the cushions and pillows coming off the couch or bed or all the chairs being pulled into some sort of mystical shape in the middle of the room doesn't always strike me as "fun"!  I like neat, I like order, and no part of those first two words coincides with fort. 

Super Star Mom let him sleep in his fort
at naptime...little boy heaven!

But and it is a big but, the word fort also equates with the word FUN.  Nothing brings Judsen more joy then sitting in his fort, playing in his fort, being "the Man" of his fort.  When he has a fort to play in, he is in little boy heaven and I do love the joy that it brings to his little life.

I  know dear friends that our fort building days have only just begun and that in the future there will be only bigger, larger, more elaborate forts.  Brodee very soon will get involved with the fort building and playing.  So I clench my teeth and say....Bring it on!  (and pick it up!)


  1. You need to invest in a tent that can go up and easily come down! Cooper got his neat tent for Christmas from brielle and he loves it and its easy to clean up which I love :)

  2. I have fond memories of our son making forts!!!Mike would also string rope around them so no one could enter!!! Enjoy because all of a sudden they are grown and gone!!