Monday, April 18, 2011

Springing Spring


Spring has Sprung...okay no it really hasn't here in Minnesota.  Again I hear the dreaded word "snow" and think when in the world will this eternally long winter end and spring begin.  But with all that negativity about snow and winter I still have the spring bug.  This bug has bitten me and inspired me to do some brightening up of my house.  As I looked around all I could see was drab, dull colors so I decided to take on the misson of adding some much need spring colors into my house.


My first project was inspired by the blog !  First let me say...Love it!  She is amazing and has great ideas.  In her blog she called it pillopalooza and so I will too.  If you click on pillopalooza she will link you to the exact fabrics she used. Most were purchased at one of my new favorite fabric sites.  So I pulled out the trusted sewing machine and set to work.  If you want directions on how to make the pillows you can click on her site.  This was a fun, easy, quick, fresh update to my living room and I do absolutely love them!

Beautiful Fabrics

Next I set to work on some of my shelves.  I began adding bright colors.  I decided to pull in greens, yellows, pinks, and blues.  I found bright paper to add to frames and cute flowers to add to bud vases.  I also thought that lemons were just what the doctor ordered so I began pulling them in as well.  So for under $30 dollars I felt like I gave my house a little....and much needed "Spring Lift"!  Now if Spring could only get here!

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  1. Looks great Sonia! I am actually in the middle of brightening my house as well!