Friday, March 18, 2011

A Poem-- Oh Ear Infection

I go to bed at ten o'clock,
and listen to the clock go tock.
When finally at eleven,
I drift away to a piece of heaven.

When all of a sudden I hear a noise,
The sound of cries from one of my boys.
I lay and hope that it will stop,
But it doesn't and so I hop.

Down the hall into Brod's bed,
All I see is his popped up head.
I know right away what the problem may be,
For I've been through it before and no strange you see.

An ear infection with no doubt it is,
I'm a mom--a certified wiz!
I pull him into our bed for the hopes he will rest,
but he keeps flopping around it was the true test.

So finally at about midnight,
I decide I am going to make this a really true fight.
First for the Tylenol, drops, and a bottle,
then on the couch I try to coddle.

He's not having it, he wants to play,
Dada, Mama, yaya he starts to say.
His cute little smile takes over my heart,
and on my lap he gives a big fart.

Best hehavior, loving our midnight date.

So of course there at midnight a big poop he makes,
Changing his diaper, the cake this takes!
I decide it's in my best interest to not try and sleep,
Playing with toys we don't make a peep.

It's funny how happy Brodehondro seems to be,
He knows he should be sleeping, but instead is free.
He's on his best behavior so I won't put him down,
Smiling, talking, being silly, acting like a clown.

So finally at one o'clock we lumber upstairs,
I lay him back down and wonder how he will fairs.
He lays right down and closes his eyes,
Not even one noise or a little cries.

I hobble back for a few hours of rest,
It will be five at its very best.
That would be nice, oh wouldn't it,
But at five o'clock I hear a fit.

Back to his room to pop in the nuk,
and he sucked on it and that's all it took.
Now for another hour or so,
before the morning starts and I'm ready to go.

Ready to go, might be a stretch!
A pot of coffee I'm off to fetch.
An appointment at the chiropractor I quickly made,
The memory of last night I want to fade.

So I hope it will help him sleep through the night,
And I won't see him again until the sun is light!
I love my dear son and will put on a smile,
But I don't mind if a seem him for quite awhile!