Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Round 2

Ready or not here we go!

Back to the dentist we went yesterday afternoon to begin the process of filling the first two of the six cavities.  To say that I, mom, was a little nervous was an understatement.  Jud on the other hand was nothing but excited.  I was trying to gently tell him some of the process without scaring him.  I tried to tell him about the little mask that the gas comes through and about some of the instruments for filling the "sugarbites".  I said mommy will be there in case you get a little which he replied "mom I like the dentist, I'm not afraid."  Okay well if he is not worried then I shouldn't be either. 

Getting to a happy place!

Matt got home in time to take Brodee so Jud and I could go together.  When we got there Jud was very quiet, I started wondering if he was getting a little nervous.  When we get back to the room and Shelly (love her too) starts explaining everything to Jud, I begin to clam down a bit.  Jud hops up in the chair, puts on the sunglasses, and then the gas mask.  I feel myself getting a little choked up for no good reason.  It's just weird to see my baby like that.  When I say, like that, I don't really know how to explain it, he could still answer and was awake, he was just very, very peaceful.  They then had him open his mouth to put in the "tooth pillow" so that they could begin working.  Like any good mom my mouth immediately opens with Jud's, as if to show him how to do it.  The only thing is he's not looking and me and I am just sitting there, in the corner, with my mouth wide open (don't tell me you haven't done it before).  They start the process of filling the cavities.  It is amazing the amount of instruments they can stick in his mouth...let's be honest I struggle to get my fingers and floss in there and they can have about 4 different instruments--AMAZING!  Jud does an excellent job, he doesn't even flinch once.
Dr. Ness and Shelly do an amazing job of explaining what they are going to do.  This makes Jud and myself more comfortable!  They work quickly and thoroughly.  I don't think we were there but 30 minutes when they announced that they were done. We stopped at two for day one, the next four will be tackled at our next appointment.

On our way out Jud gets to raid the prize bucket for his glorious little prize--the thing that makes coming to the dentist such a wonderful, enjoyable experience for him.  We leave with a little parachute man, a sticker,  an small army guy (all of which probably totally less then a quarter) and a large smile.  It was a success, we made it!  One more appointment left and we can declare ourselves cavity free once again!  Thank you Ness Dentistry!