Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Morning

Sleep something that every mother covets!  Every night when I lay my unwashed faced on my pillow I say a little prayer for a good night's sleep.  One has to go into the night believing that they will have a good nights sleep, otherwise you automatically set yourself up for failure. 

Brodee saying good night!
Last night started much like any other night in our house.  Brodee was laid down with a kiss and a nigh-night, which he returned with a big smile and...boom he's asleep.  In my head I say "sweet, one down."  About an hour or so later we start getting Jud ready for bed.   We read the books, brush his teeth--with his new spin brush--and then snuggle.  Matt and I decided that we would do family snuggles in his bed, if you can remember back, he has a queen sized bed!  Matt get on his P.J's--his underoos, and Jud decides he is going to wear jammies like dad..i.e. underoos.  I, on the other had, am in jeans and a sweatshirt.  So we lay there talking about the day, about his Sunday School lesson, about playing with one of his favorite friends Carter Nelson, and the fun that we will have tomorrow.  We finally drift asleep, and when I say we I mean WE, about 20 minutes later.  At 1:00 a.m. I proceed to wake up, drenched in my own sweat and somewhat frantic. I wake up Matt and we go stumbling into our bed. 

Our "Special" Bed
As we get all snuggled into our cold bed and drift asleep I say to myself, I can still sleep for six hours....wonderful.  And it was wonderful until about 4:30 when I hear Brodee crying.  I wait for a few minutes thinking that he will stop, and of course he doesn't.  I secretly hope Matt will get up, but he doesn't.  So I go in, give him his nuk, and with my eyes still shut so that I won't officially wake up, crawl back into bed.  All is well for about 30 minutes, when again the crying starts.  The crying is again greeted with a sigh and a secret hope that I won't have to get out of my warm bed.  This time I decide that I am going to feed him so that he will sleep until about 8:00.  I go in, again eyes almost shut, feed him, rock/snuggle him for 5 minutes and lay him down.  Perfect--I still have 2 good hours of  glorious sleep!  Not so fast, again I hear crying!  Now I must let you know that Brodee normally sleeps through the night, if he does wake up it is usually about 5:30-6:00 and then it is only to eat, so this night is quite out of the normal.  This time, sleep walking, I go grab him out of his crib and decide enough is enough, into our bed he comes.  Once there he nestles into my warm body and he is out.  I again get comfortable, look at the clock, and try to drift off to sleep for my last hour and a half of rest.  Just as I drift away again I hear.....Mom, I wet the bed, Momma, I wet the bed!  Oh mercy, no rest for the weary!  Just for the record Matt is still sleeping.  I race into his room before he has the opportunity to yell again and wake up, the now sleeping Brodee. Once there we go through the drill of getting changed, going potty, and pulling off the sheets.  Normally I would pull him into our bed, but with Brodee already there, there isn't any room.  So I have to improvise, I make a bed for him on the floor in his room and, being the good mom that I am, lay on the floor with him.  There we are snuggled on the floor, it's now 6:00 a.m. and I have been attending to my wonderful kids since 4:30.  I am hoping that Jud will fall back asleep but, no luck!  Now, I am not about to get up yet, so I tell him to get a few books to look at and read quietly as momma lays--trying to sleep on the floor.  This was not one of my finest ideas as I was never able to really sleep. 

Finally at 6:55 Matt comes in Jud's room, chuckles and tells me to go lay in our bed for my last ten minutes of sleep.  When I get in our bed I am greeted by a big smile from lovely little Brodee and that is my official good morning.  I am tired, cold, and a little crabby, but seeing that big smile and hearing his excited grunts I can't help but be thankful for my wonderful family.   Needless to say, I came downstairs, put on a pot of coffee, and cut myself a generous-sized breakfast bar.  Good-morning Monday!

P.S. Jud goes back to the dentist tomorrow for the first of the six cavities to be filled...stay tuned!

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