Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things That Made Me Chuckle Today

My kids constantly keep me giggling and today was no exception.  I just thought I would share some of hysterical moments with you!  I am fully aware that they may not be as funny to you and I might not do them justice as I retell them too you but please do your best to visualize with me!

Jud (4) and I were sitting eating lunch together and he asked if you had to be old to be married, which of course I responded yes too.  (Jud at other times gets very nervous about getting married and leaving us)   I saw him sit there for a minute and think as he ate and then he said.  First I am going to have lots of birthdays, then I'm going to get married.  I think I will go on lots of trips and then have babies.  Just made me chuckle--Matt and I never took advantage of the lots of trips--where does he come up with these things.

Brodee saw Jud in the tub upstairs and started to go crazy...he loves tubbies.  So I decided to put Brodee in the kitchen sink so that I could start dinner.  He absolutely loves to play in the sink and it is a good way for me to get supper started and also a great incentive for me to wash my floors.  Jud was upstairs and I yell for him to please bring down a towel for his brother.  He comes down with the towel he just used and says just as plain as day, "I'm sorry mom there is kind of a lot of hair on it, I was wiping my pe..., I mean man berries, because their was a hair, so sorry!"  All I can say is thank you Matt!

Brodee signing please--how can I say no to that face!
We have been teaching Brodee to sign please, which is a really handy thing to is the only problem.  When he actually starts to get it and use the sign it is virtually impossible to not give him what he asks for.  Brodee will see something and immediately his hand starts pulling on his shirt and mom caves and gives in.  Mercy-- I'm such a sucker!
We were having family supper together and we are trying to teach Brohan to use a sippy cup.  We made the unfortuante mistake of not getting rid of the bottle early enough with Jud and we are trying harder to be more proactive this time.  So we crack out the cup--which he loves--as a chew toy!  How do you teach a kid to actually use it.  I take the cup, put it to my mouth and suck on it and then give it back.  To which he chews like crazy.  I then take it back and repeat the motion--but this time I can hear and then see my wonderful hubby across the table making the sucking sound and motions.  Busted--he makes fun of me for opening my mouth when I feed Brod so it is nice to bust him in the act!
It felt good to laugh today as we got hammered with snow earlier.  And even though we did get a snow day out of it, all my hard work of shoveling snow back on the driveway to melt it was completely earsed and wasted.  I felt so defeated!  My boys definately helped lighten the mood today!  Boy do I love them--all of them!

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