Friday, March 4, 2011

Favorite Things

Okay so even though our initial 2 blogs have died, favorite things did not go down with them.  I still have favorite things and I still want to share them with you.  So with that being said....I give you my next favorite thing,...Blue Painter's Tape

 I love this tape for reasons other than you might think. Although it is painters tape, I actually use it very little for painting.  I do like the tape for creating strips and lines as shown in Jud's room.  However as a mom I love this tape for a whole other reason.  This tape is so wonderfully safe that it is great for children to put on the walls, the floors, and their bodies. 

When I was painting in Jud's room and creating his red strip he saw me using the tape.  He asked if he could use some and I had no fear or reservations in letting him.  He created his own little masterpiece on the wall using the tape.  I didn't have to worry about it leaving a sticky residue or it peeling the paint off.  Jud was able to creatively express himself while his mom was busy painting...perfect!

Another excellent use of this tape is to put on the floor.  Jud and I will make roads for his cars or obstacle courses for his scooter (in the basement).  We do have wood floors and I didn't want to worry about a sticky residue that could be left behind by masking tape.  Jud really enjoys when he can take a small scissors and cut his own pieces for the roads.  We have had roads going all over the first level of our house.  I mean, besides the eye soar of the blue tape, it is good, destructive free fun.  If you have carpet it is still safe to makes roads on that as well!

Lastly, Jud loves this tape for taping shooter arms on himself.  He will tape toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls to his arms.  He likes to pretend he is a transformer and tapes random pieces of tape on his body...great!  No harm done! 

Now you too can be able to see the wonderful uses of this glorious tape.  If you leave a comment or become a follower you can be entered into this drawing.  There will be more than one winner so don't be shy!  If you have another use for this wonderful product please feel free to share.  Good luck to you!